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Explorers like Rene-Robert Cavelier sierer de La Salle was one the first European explorer known to explore what would later become Indiana. French presence lasted for almost 100 years before the British won claim to it after the French and Indian war. Back then, life was a lot shorter than it is now, with medical advances paving the way to longer lives. Even so, life for everyone ends eventually, and when it does, we leave family and loved ones behind.

Whether unexpected or just getting closer due to old age, any financial plan should include support for your loved ones. Indiana life insurance should be a cornerstone of any strategy that helps your spouse, children, or partner financially after you pass away. While especially true for families that depend on each person's income to stay comfortable, there are many reasons to get a life insurance policy. It can help pay for a debt that has been incurred, the mortgage on a home, funeral expenses, or other things.

The choices that people have when it comes to life insurance are term coverage and permanent coverage. Each has its benefits. Permanent life insurance lasts until the death of the policyholder, and term life insurance continues for a period. After the period or term ends, you can choose to renew it at a higher rate. Terms usually last 5 to 30 years.

Both term coverage and permanent coverage can be found at policy.com, your home for free quotes and fast service.

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