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This website does collect personal information including personal identity details. Personal information collected may include your name, address, contact number, email, credit/debit card number, SSN and driver’s license number. One of the three credit bureaus may be reached to gather your credit score or other data. Information such as your medical history, date of birth, marital status, existing insurance coverage, and education level may also be collected. All of these details are handled as personal information with the highest level of security available presently.

Use of Your Personal Information

The information collected may be used in the following ways: To connect with 3rd party vendors who provide relevant products and services. To distribute newsletters that may also gather information, or to respond to inquiries and satisfy requests. To personalize your experience on our website via cookies and other means. To have one of our employees or connected service providers contact you via email, phone or in person. To facilitate events, promotional activities, and sweepstakes - please be sure read all offers carefully for additional contest rules with each event. To send information regarding this website or service providers. If there are any changes in the terms and conditions, they will be communicated.

Disclosure of Your Personal Information

All personal information is shared with relevant 3rd party service providers and vendors in the following ways:

Personal information will be disclosed as per the Privacy Policy. Each company is partly responsible for the joint use of your information. The company shares information with for order fulfillment, payment processing, information verification, infrastructure advancements, auditing, email assistance and internal IT services. Third party credit bureaus may also be used to obtain credit scores and reports. When you request any information from a service provider, your personal information may be shared to obtain their quotes, products or services. If you submit testimonials for the website, your personal information will be posted on the page with your testimonial. Third party organizations that are part of a joint venture, involved in a transfer of businesses, or a reorganization and sale may also be provided with your information.

How Your Information Is Collected

The company uses different forms of automated data collection. Different types of information may be collected differently. Basic IT data like your OS version, type of computer, MAC Address, internet browser choice, history, and screen resolution are used for quality control purposes. Personal information may be aggregated to identify another website. Service vendors may collect information through web beacons, cookies, pixel tags and other technologies as well. These details may be used to administer the site, analyze the performance, investigate trends, and prevent fraud, as well as tracking page choices on the site and also to gather demographics. The company may store and use cookies to identify personal details via the website. If you prefer not to enable cookies, you can disable or decline the use of cookies through your settings.

Third Party Vendors

This Privacy Policy does not pertain to third party vendors and websites. This company is not responsible for defining privacy policies for any third party vendors. All information, regarding third-party websites may be linked on their respective site. The inclusion of links on this website does no imply any endorsement or affiliation. The Privacy Policy of this site does not govern any personal details submitted to a third party.

This company works with many third party vendors. Partners or vendors are responsible for improving and operating the website. Third-party vendors may advertise on this site. This site’s Privacy Policy does not govern advertisements. Third party vendors may have their own Privacy or Security Policies.

Privacy Policy

Your security is a vital aspect of everything we do here at Your privacy and control over information about you is an important aspect of modern life, and we do all we can to help you keep all aspects of your personal, professional and home data protected from everyone except those who need to know that information for the purpose of providing you with the services you seek. This Privacy Policy describes the practices we use and the information collected on the website. By using any of our website services, you do agree to the terms and conditions disclosed in this Privacy Policy.

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Your Choice to Disclose

This site gives you the freedom to disclose your own personal information. All information provided from your is based on your own personal choice. You have the right to decide to disclose any information you wish about yourself. You can opt-out at any time. You can opt-out from our electronic communications. You can opt-out from our third party vendors. If you are not interested in sharing your information for marketing purposes, you may opt out from that as well.


This website is intended for adults only. This site does not cater to the needs of children below 13 years of age. If you are below 13 years of age, you should not enter details on this site. Adults must not represent children below 13 years of age. All information of children below 13 years of age will be destroyed upon discovery.


This Privacy Policy is open to change. Changes may happen without prior notice.