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Life can be confusing sometimes, and a perfect example of that is the city of Bristol. Legally, it is two cities, but each one shares the same main street. Its neighbors' city is in the state of Tennessee, and each of the cities has its own government and city services. What’s less confusing, however, is the need for health insurance.

People are always asking what some of the major differences between PPO and HMO plans are. One of the biggest differences is the need for a Primary Care Physician, or PCP. If you select an HMO plan, you will need to first schedule an appointment with your PCP before getting care from another doctor or specialist. If you have a PPO plan, you will not be required to have a PCP nor referrals for any services that you get.

HMO plans are less expensive, both out-of-pocket and with monthly insurance premiums. Basically, with a PPO plan, you are paying more money for additional flexibility in healthcare options. HMO plans do not cover care from providers that are out-of-network. The only exception to this is genuine medical emergencies. With a PPO, you have the flexibility to use providers that are not in your network. There will, however, be a higher fee and separate deductible for using doctors and specialists that are out-of-network.

Policy.com provides free quotes for both types of policies. Policy.com can help you find the best plan for your needs and save you money on your healthcare costs each year. All it takes is 10 minutes of your time to save, let's get started.

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