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People sometimes imagine Washington as a state where all of the residents sit under the Space Needle and drink coffee. While coffee is a popular drink with people living in Washington, it is much more than these two things. Washington has beautiful forests, extraordinary coastlines, and a fantastic culture to it. It also has some excellent healthcare, and with a good understanding of how rates are affected, you can pay a lot less than you currently are. Here are some variables that can affect your home insurance premiums.

  • Your Deductible: How much comes out of your pocket before your plan starts to cover the costs. Emergency room care is expensive, so having coverage with a large deductible means that you could end up paying that deductible amount all at once.
  • Your Age: The older you get, the higher your health insurance premiums will get as well.
  • Location: If the healthcare treatment is expensive because of the area you live in, your premiums may be higher.
  • Gender: Gender is also a factor when it comes to what your health insurance company charges.
  • Preventative Care: Most plans now include preventative care. Preventative care can save both you and your insurance company money by catching problems early.

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