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There are major cities it seems in every direction out of Chicago, and with so much excitement, from the yearly festivals to the Chicago Cubs and Bears, people travel there all the time. Home of the city of Metropolis, where Superman came from in the comics, Illinois used to be home to two capital cities. The capital is now Springfield, and the states 102 counties.

Each place has its personality, and Illinois is a large state with a lot of them. Getting from one place to the next by driving means getting Illinois car insurance.Chicago requires that drivers have bodily injury coverage, property damage coverage, and uninsured motorist coverage.

Bodily injury coverage helps pay the costs, medically, to others when an accident is deemed your fault. Property damage coverage helps pay the costs of other people's property if an accident is your fault. Uninsured motorist coverage helps cover your expenses if another driver is deemed at-fault in an accident and does not have insurance coverage to pay for your expenses.

All three of these coverages are essential if you want to avoid steep fines and penalties for driving in the state. Other coverage can be smart to have as well. At policy.com, you can find great rates on not only the minimum limits mandated by the state, but also collision insurance, comprehensive insurance, lease gap insurance, and many others. Quotes are free and the money you can save makes it well worth the ten minutes it takes to use our site. Act now and save on Illinois car insurance today.

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