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The Mall of America, which is located in Bloomington, Minnesota, is the size of 78 football fields. That’s 9,500,000 ft.² folks.  Minnesota is a very innovative place, being the place that masking tape, Wheaties, Bisquick, HMOs, and the Bundt pan, were invented. HMOs are one of the most popular health insurance plans in the country today, but are they the right plan for you?

Minnesota health insurance helps keep personal healthcare costs manageable and is a necessary part of maintaining a healthy life and being able to pay bills if emergency situations occur. No one expects to get sick or injured, but millions of people do each year.

HMO plans are what most Americans purchase. The policies are simple, and premiums are less expensive than PPO plans. In fact, the out-of-pocket expenses are less as well. Why would someone want a PPO plan then? It comes down to flexibility. An HMO plan requires that all your care (outside of true emergencies) is done or referred by a Primary Care Physician (PCP).

A PPO plan offers more flexibility and even covers care from out-of-network doctors (though in-network doctors will cost less). There is no PCP, so you can go to any doctor you’d like. If paying more in premiums to get this convenience makes sense, a PPO may be the best plan for you.

Great health starts with getting the health insurance plan that best fits your needs. A policy that does this is right here at We get you the best information, let you compare policies and prices, and with free quotes, there is nothing to lose if you act today.

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