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What is Comprehensive Insurance?

Are you wondering what is comprehensive insurance? It is something that is a regular part of car insurance but the title of it isn’t as straightforward as personal property coverage or bodily injury coverage. So, what exactly is it? Well, to put it in simple terms, comprehensive car insurance covers all the random things you think won’t happen to your car, but they still might. It mainly covers things that could happen to it when you are not driving. Think about things like vandalism or weather events. Here is a more detailed description of what is covered by comprehensive car insurance.

Natural Disasters

When a hurricane, tornado or flood strikes, you might think about battening the hatches down at your home, but your car is at risk too. Floods can wash away your car all together and high winds can throw around debris that breaks glass. Hail is famous for denting unprotected car roofs too. When you have comprehensive car insurance, if any of these things happen to your car, you will most likely be protected and have some help to pay for the damage, after you go through your deductible of course. A natural disaster is already hard enough to deal with so make sure you have this coverage to help you through a tough time. This could also include falling objects that most likely results from a natural disaster. This includes trees and other things falling or blowing in the wind and landing on your car.


The theft of your car is a big hassle. Your car basically disappears right from under your nose and you may not see it again. If you can’t get it back in one piece then you will have to replace it, which could be an expensive affair. Having comprehensive coverage will allow you to get covered for this and you will be able to get a new car sooner than before. If you live in an area where having a car is imperative then you will not regret this decision. You should definitely consider this if you live in an urban area where car theft is more prevalent.


Vandalism could include smashed windows or graffiti on your car. This is no fun to deal with and some windows are very expensive to get replaced. It could also include having the mirrors ripped off of the side of your car or something like that. People in cities that are larger often deal with vandalism more than others so make sure that you get comprehensive coverage. When you have something like this happen it is kind of a drag so just make it all easier for yourself. This often includes damage from a civil disturbance like a riot or protest. That’s when people may crowd the street and smash or burn cars in celebration or as a display of civil obedience.


Whether it is a man-made or wildfire, a fire can totally gut a car making it completely unusable. When this happens the most important thing is that you and your family are completely safe. You don’t want to worry about how you will replace your car at this time. Comprehensive coverage will help you to either repair or replace your car after a fire destroys it. That’s why you should get it. You never know when something could happen which is why getting insurance is always a good idea.

Animal Encounters

If you live in a rural area you know that hitting a large animal like a deer or a moose, or even a bear is always a possibility. These large animals can do a lot of damage to the car and while it is sad that it happens, and it is often avoidable by taking it slow at night when you know you’re in an area with animals, but you want to be covered for when it does occur. Getting this type of coverage means that no matter what happens, your car will be safe from an animal.

What is Not Included?

Now that you have a better idea of what is included in comprehensive insurance, you need to know what is definitely not included. Damage to your car from a crash is not included. There are other parts of car insurance for that one. It also does not cover medical expenses from a crash or damages to another person’s car. It doesn’t cover legal fees and lost income from a crash either. However, for all of these elements of car crashes, there are other parts of car insurance to cover that. Get all of them!

Now you know the answer to what is comprehensive insurance!

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