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What can an "uninsurable" person do?

Sometimes a life insurance customer might not qualify for life insurance. Life insurance customers are usually deemed "uninsurable" due to either a too risky profession, a disease diagnosis or a history of severe health problems such as stroke, cancer, diabetes or heart surgery.

So what can you do when you are classified as uninsurable? What you should not do is give up. There's still a chance you can find a plan that will accept you. Some companies will take that risk and offer their life insurance cover although they may ask a higher premium.

You can also choose a guaranteed issue policy. This option requires no medical exam. However premiums will be far higher and there may also be an age requirement. There are several other types of policies where no health related questions are asked.

Group life insurance allows the employer to buy up to a certain amount of insurance no matter how unstable their health condition. These group policies are typically available to newly hired employees. This is one of the best ways the uninsurable can obtain life insurance at group rates.

If you can demonstrate that your health is improving then your chances to become eligible for life insurance again are very high.

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