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Life insurance for people with asthma

Breathing disorders are very common medical problems in the United States. Asthma, is a lung disease that is usually caused by abrupt changes in weather, infections of the respiratory system, exercise, irritants (air pollution, tobacco smoke), and allergens (dust, pollen).

Asthma is one of the factors that can impact your life insurance rates. Many people with this can condition can still purchase life insurance at affordable rates. "Preferred" rates are often available and some companies will even give you a "preferred best" rate. Life insurance companies will offer their rates according to the severity of your asthma.

Underwriters typically classify this condition into one of these categories: Severe, Moderate and Mild. This classification is based on several questions you will have to answer. The rate will also depend on medications taken, frequency of attacks, doctor's notes, medical records etc. The insurer will want to make sure that you have the condition under control and that asthma is not having a major impact on your lifestyle.

Underwriting factors will greatly vary from one company to another. It's highly recommended that you take your time to shop around, compare quotes and choose the company that offers the best rates for people with asthma.

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