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Life Insurance for Nicotine Users

Smoking can subject people to a wide array of health consequences such as cancer, heart disease, hardening of the arteries, emphysema etc. Tobacco use continues to be a big concern for anyone looking to obtain life insurance. Most insurance companies are not willing to take this risk so they will charge much higher rates if the person insured is a smoker.

Many life insurance companies will classify you as a nicotine user even if you wear the patch or chew nicotine gum. They will consider you a "non-smokers" only if you are nicotine free for over a year. However, this period will greatly vary from one insurance company to another.

There are companies that will let you qualify for non-smoking rates even if you are an "occasional" user. When applying for coverage, regular smokers should be honest about their smoking habits. Lying on your application is not a good idea as the medical exam tests will still reveal the nicotine level in your body. In case you lie and the fraud is detected the company might deny the claim.

Make sure you find an insurance broker who has the persistence, knowledge and experience to get you the best rates available. Shop for quotes with great diligence and you will save money on the long run!

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