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How to Get Health Insurance

Wondering how to get health insurance? It’s really a pretty easy process. It used to be a little different, before the Affordable Care Act passed. Back then; applying for health insurance could take a long time. Insurance companies could ask you a lot of really personal and uncomfortable questions about your medical history, including questions about your sexual history and habits. It’s not a great feeling to get questioned like that for your health insurance, which is a great tool to help you pay for health costs. 

At that time you could also be denied healthcare coverage if you had a pre-existing condition. Pre-existing conditions are some things that people really can’t help that could include pregnancy, being transgender and mental health problems. It really wasn’t a fair system because most women become pregnant, and trans people or people with mental health problems don’t have much control over whether or not they have those qualities. 

Now getting health insurance is a lot easier. They can no longer deny you for having pre-existing conditions. They can’t ask you so many personal questions that your head might spin. You just sign up online and that makes it pretty easy. With the ACA, health insurance is also easier to pay for. You can get premium assistance if your income is below a certain level. Many people complain that the premiums have gone up, and this is true, but with the assistance many people are able to get health insurance for the first time, which takes a big burden off of the healthcare system.

When people get health insurance, they don’t have to go to the emergency room quite as much because they can just go to a doctor for minor health problems. Emergency room visits are very pricey and when someone can’t pay for it, the public ends up paying through taxes. So, the system would be very burdened if people didn’t have health insurance. Now that people have more insurance, they are able to not only go to the doctor more, but also do preventative care which also eases the burden on the system. 

Preventative care is included with your healthcare plan as part of the ACA. That means that your yearly checkup and several other procedures like STI testing, mammograms, pap smears, diabetes screening, and tobacco use interventions. That’s because those who made the ACA understand that providing preventative care is not only good for people, but it also causes the system as a whole to save money because health problems can get detected earlier than they would if patients had to wait until they noticed symptoms of serious health problems.

So, now you are really wondering how to get health insurance. Well, the whole process is really pretty easy. Just get online and go to the main Healthcare site. Now you will find your state and you may be directed to a different site which will be your local state’s exchange.

The one thing that you must note is that for health insurance you can only get coverage if it is during certain periods. There is an open enrollment period towards the end of the year for coverage for the following year. You can only get coverage during this time unless you meet one or more of several qualifications. First of all, if you get married, you can get covered. If you have a kid or adopt one you can still get covered, and if you get divorced, you may be eligible for a new plan. In addition, if someone on your plan dies, if you move to a new home outside of your enrollment area, or if you move into a homeless shelter you may be eligible for a new plan. So you see there are a lot of ways to get new coverage if you missed the open enrollment period and you truly need it.

Once you get on the healthcare website, you will find it is pretty easy to apply for health insurance. The site is pretty self-explanatory and it directs you with what to do. You have to put in your projected income for the following year and then you will find out if you are eligible to a subsidy to help you pay for your premiums. Even people making a moderate income in some areas with a high cost of living are eligible sometimes, so it’s always worth it to check.

There are four tiers of plans. Bronze plans have the highest deductibles and copays, but the lowest costs, and it just goes down from there through Silver, Gold and onto Platinum, which is the “best” but most expensive plans available. Many different insurance companies are available on the ACA but you can also still get private insurance as a supplement off of the exchange if you want. If you haven’t ever tried health insurance before the ACA has made it easier to do so. Find out what it is like to have some of your healthcare costs covered and some of them even free, like your preventative care costs.

Once you do you will feel happy that you tried it. You can find what you need and you will feel better than your family will be well covered. If you get sick or injured you won’t ruin yourself financially. Health insurance is just a good idea and the ACA has made it more affordable for people who couldn’t afford it before. Don’t be afraid for the things you have to fill out for the health insurance application because some people do get stressed out about it. Just fill it out and then you will be covered.

Better yet, contact us here by filling out our free form or calling our toll free number and our staff will help you get covered. They are both qualified and knowledgeable to help you. It’s easy to get a free quote on here and see how much you might be able to save on your current health insurance plan. You’ll be glad to be covered and you will be able to afford your healthcare better than ever before.

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