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How Does Full Glass Coverage Work?

Full glass coverage is a special type of insurance that you can get for your car. As the name would suggest it pretty much only covers the glass windows on your car. These things can break easily. They are the number one target for vandalism when it comes to cars. Why try to unlock a car when you could just smash a window and grab everything that is inside? In addition, windows are easy to get damaged when a rock or pebble hits your windshield and causes a crack. Of course car manufacturers do their best in order to make glass as shatterproof and solid as possible, but it’s a known fact that it’s just a fact of glass. So how does full glass coverage work?

Well, it’s pretty easy. First of all, full glass coverage does not have any deductible. This means that you can get a new window without having to put anything down except for the premium of course. Some policies have full glass as part of a comprehensive policy and others have it as a separate add on for car insurance. This is useful because a car windshield might only cost $300-$600 to repair. If your usual car insurance deductible is $500, then that’s not going to help you much with your smashed window. So having no deductible is really helpful in that scenario. 

Even if your auto glass coverage is part of your comprehensive coverage, getting a separate auto glass plan is still a good idea because that can get you auto glass coverage with no deductible. If you just go with comprehensive you will still have to pay whatever deductible you have for your car insurance. So, getting full glass coverage is a great idea. Why haven’t you tried it yet? Get a free quote right here, or if you need more information keep reading all about car insurance. 

We started this site because we want to give everyone not only the greatest information about car insurance and other types of coverage but also access to plenty of free quotes. So, that’s what you will find here. Fill out the simple form or call our toll-free number to find out how much you can save on your car insurance or to see what type of deals await you whether it’s your first time getting coverage or you want to change plans to save some cash.

Full glass coverage is also a great option for people who own their own cars outright. These people do not need to get comprehensive coverage as part of your policy. That’s because when you have a car that is on a lease or a payment plan, you are often required to get certain types of coverage. That’s because the bank or car company actually owns the car when you lease or buy, and they want to protect their investment. It’s not that they think you are going to do something wild - they are just being smart.

So, full glass coverage is a great way to get coverage for your glass items of your car even if you do own it. You don’t want to pay so much extra for full comprehensive coverage, so you just get full glass which will cover you if anything happens to your windshield or any of the other windows. Those quarter glass windows - the little petite triangle shaped windows of your car - are notoriously expensive to replace. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had some full glass coverage to cover those costs? Get this type of coverage and you will definitely not regret it. 

Hopefully we have given you all the answers to the question of how does full glass coverage work? It’s a simple question and a simple service that will get you covered for a good long while for affordable rates. 

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