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Homeowners of America Insurance Company Review

Homeowners insurance companies have different pros and cons to them, and doing a little bit of research can help you find the best homeowners insurance providers to get quotes from. Reading the reviews on this website can help you put one foot forward in terms of getting the top plan for you. When people purchase a home, it is often the largest investment they will make. Homes are not cheap, and people often do not fully own a home when they first purchase it, as most people will get a mortgage.

In order to protect your investment, homeowners insurance is recommended. Some loan companies require that a person have a homeowners insurance policy to protect not only the homeowner, but also the insurance company. One of the options people have for homeowners insurance is Homeowners of America Home Insurance. Continue reading to learn more about this company, what they offer, and if they are right for you.

Homeowners Of America Home Insurance Overview

Homeowners of America Home Insurance plans have positives and negatives to them. People who are looking for coverage limits above $200,000 for their home should look at Homeowners of America Home Insurance. In addition, Homeowners of America is good for people who have pets and are looking to get additional insurance coverage because of damage their part could do. Unfortunately, homeowners insurance with this company is not available in every state. Policies are available for people in Texas, Arizona, South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia.

If you are a person who wants a long list of endorsements that you can choose from, there may be better companies out there for you to consider. This insurance provider is quite affordable, though it does have limited availability. Only available in five states, many people will not be able to get a policy from Homeowners of America. The company does not have a lot of experience yet, but they are a younger company that is growing due to their competitive rates. Policies with Homeowners of America are less expensive on average over competitors.

Homeowners insurance plans are designed to protect you from damages to your home, as well as losses. This company was founded in 2005, bringing over one decade of experience in the industry. It is a relatively new company, but one that has still been around and successful for a period. HoAIC provides most of its quotes online, though it is possible to get quotes from an independent agent in the states they offer insurance in.

Homeowners Of America Home Insurance Coverage Options And Discounts

Offering a standard set of coverage, including dwelling coverage, personal property coverage, loss of use coverage, medical payments coverage, personal liability coverage, and other structures coverage, there are options available to suit your needs. People looking into the company can find homeowners insurance coverage that has the coverage limits that work for them. Coverage limits can range from between $50,000-$750,000 and more. While there are a number of endorsements available, like full animal liability coverage, identity theft coverage, increased replacement cost coverage, increased jewelry/watches/furs coverage, and a few others, there are less endorsements than some other companies offer.

Homeowners of America can be a great company for people who are looking to purchase full animal liability coverage. If you are concerned about your pet attacking someone, this coverage is essential. Covering the entire cost of injuries that your pet may cause to others, it can be valuable. Keep in mind that many policies from other companies exclude animals from coverage. Also, remember that some animals might not be eligible for coverage with HoAIC, including Rottweilers and pit bulls. In addition to full animal liability coverage, increased replacement cost endorsements can be hugely beneficial.

Increased replacement cost endorsements cover costs that are associated with the rise in construction expenses after a loss. If labor in your area increases, or materials, this endorsement will cover the additional expenses. Homeowners of America has lower caps for this type of insurance than some of their other competitors, but the rates they offer are competitive. Take the time to look at the coverage limits for each type of insurance coverage you are considering, including dwelling coverage, loss of use insurance, medical payments insurance, personal liability insurance, and others as well.


Finding the best rates on homeowners insurance involves some research. With flexible coverage limits, the pricing at Homeowners of America can vary quite a bit. When comparing different companies quotes, go through the policies one line at a time and make sure the limits are the same or comparable. If the limits for dwelling coverage in one policy is $75,000 and the limits and another policy are hundred and $125,000, one of the policies might not suit your needs.

Also, take a look at exclusions on the plans you are considering. Each plan may have different list of exclusions, and knowing what these are is essential. Homeowners of America has a wide range of coverage limits and plan types, making it easier to get a plan that fits your budget and your needs. Get the best prices for homeowners insurance available with free quotes from Homeowners of America, as well as other home insurance companies, using the tools on this website.

Home insurance annual premiums, on average, are lower here than many of the other companies that could service your area. Getting free quotes for homeowners insurance is still important, as each company weighs risk variables differently. This means you may find a lower cost for homeowners insurance based on the state, county, and neighborhood you are living in. There are many other variables utilized as well, and the tools on this site can help you get quotes from the best homeowners insurance carriers in your area.

Keep in mind that there are numerous discounts homeowners insurance carriers offer, including accredited builder discounts, security features discounts, companion product discounts, new purchase discounts, new roof discounts, and more.

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