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Drive car in USA with valid Mexican driver's license?

Regardless of whether you are traveling to the United States for a short time, or planning to live here for a longer period, driving can be an important way to get from one point to the next. Knowing whether or not you can get an automobile insurance policy with a Mexican driver's license is essential, as it can be a major convenience to transitioning into the country. It is common for people who are moving to the United States to research what they need to do before they move here, and this article has the information you need to have a smooth transition.

Can I Drive A Car In The USA With A Mexican Driver's License?

While people can drive vehicles in the US with a Mexican driver's license, it can get a bit more complicated than that. Each state in the USA has requirements that must be filled in order to drive legally in the country. One of these requirements is getting an automobile insurance policy. One of the first steps to getting car insurance in the United States is comparing automobile insurance companies to find the best deal on car insurance for your situation. There are many companies that offer automobile insurance policies in the US, and shopping around can help you keep money in your bank account. If you are traveling in the country on vacation, there are different requirements in place than if you are moving into the country for a more extended period of time.

It is also essential to know that while you can get an insurance policy with a Mexican driver's license, further steps will need to be taken once you arrive in the country. Driving in the US with a Mexican driver's license, if you are bringing your car from Mexico into the US, will require that you have a Mexican driver's license that is current, as well as current Mexican license plates and a current vehicle registration in the country. A letter from the owner of the vehicle may be required if you are driving a car that is not registered in your name.

If you are visiting the country, and not moving to the United States, you may have other options available to you. Contact auto insurance companies in the state you will be visiting and ask them about the length of time that qualifies you as a resident. If you are not qualified as a resident of the country, you may be able to get car insurance plans that are designed for foreign travelers in the country.

Can I Get Insurance With A Mexican License?

You can get an insurance policy from many automobile insurance providers in the USA with a valid Mexican driver's license. That said, if you are moving to the country, you will most likely be required to have a United States driver's license within 30 days of purchasing your auto insurance coverage. Failure to provide valid US driver's license to the insurance provider in this amount of time may result in the cancellation of your insurance policy. People driving in the United States without a valid car insurance plan are driving illegally.

Final Notes

People who are planning to drive in the United States with a Mexican license should do adequate research. Each state can have different requirements, so contacting the Department Of Motor Vehicles in the state you are traveling to is a smart plan. Also, keep in mind that your general situation has an impact on whether or not you will be able to get a car insurance plan with a Mexican license. You may be able to get an insurance policy, but if you are traveling to the country to live there, you will likely need to have a valid US driver's license within a limited amount of time. Failure to adhere to your insurance company's requirements can result in a claim not being processed or your policy being canceled.

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