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Car Insurance Requirements for US Residents in Canada?

People travel to Canada for several reasons, including holiday vacations, visiting family, shopping, and more. There are more than 10 million Americans drivers who cross the northern border each year for day trips, creating a lot of questions about whether or not their insurance policies will cover them in neighboring countries like Canada. Fortunately, there are benefits to both citizens of Canada and citizens of the United States when making short trips to their neighbors.

Items You Will Need To Cross The Border

When entering Canada, there are documents that you must have in order to cross. People who do not have these documents will not be allowed into the country. The essential documents you will need to enter the country include confirmation of permanent residence you and each person traveling with you, and a valid passport or other travel document is also necessary. Some professionals recommend having a detailed list of all of the personal and/or household items you are bringing with you. In some cases, you may need a Canadian immigrant visa as well.

Factors To Consider While Driving In Canada

One of the major factors to consider when driving in Canada is knowing whether your driver's license and US car insurance are valid in the country. Fortunately, both the United States and Canada have agreements to recognize one another's automobile insurance. The coverage you have on your insurance policy in the United States has the same limits and liabilities in Canada as they do here. That said, there are a few specific exceptions that can alter this. These exceptions should be noted by your car insurance provider, though not all people read through their entire insurance policy before going on trips across the border. It is a good idea to check with your automobile insurance provider either online or over the phone if you have any questions about your coverage.

Travel Insurance Is Sometimes A Better Option For Injury Coverage

One option that people have when traveling to another country, including Canada, is travel insurance. Travel insurance often has superior coverage than some of the other policies that are available for travelers. This type of insurance policy is sometimes included with car insurance plans, so when shopping for car insurance, it may be a good idea to inquire if you travel across the border to Canada often. Travel insurance helps pay for medical emergencies, as well as the theft of personal items. It can also cover the costs of replacement luggage.

Take the time to check with your current automobile insurance provider to determine if travel insurance coverage is part of the policy you are currently on. If not, many companies offer the service as an additional add-on that can be purchased. Before adding on travel insurance coverage, you can look into alternate options on this site. As with any other type of insurance policy, shopping around can be a great way to save money in the long run. In addition, getting a plan from a company that specializes in travel insurance can result in better customer service and coverage in general. Get the best prices for automobile insurance using the tools on this website.

Consider Joining An Automobile Association For Roadside Assistance

Another type of insurance that car coverage companies offer is roadside assistance. Not all roadside assistance policies are created equal, and they do not all offer the same things. Some offer towing services, and some are more limited number of miles than others. Check the services that the roadside assistance companies you are considering offer, and while doing so, consider your needs. In many cases, roadside assistance services that are not attached to your own auto insurance provider might have better offerings, pricings, and customer service. You can compare rates on this site for the best prices for roadside assistance coverage.

Check With Your Insurance Provider Before You Leave

Whenever you are traveling to a foreign country, make sure to check with your insurance provider before you leave to make sure that you are sufficiently covered and able to drive legally in the country. This is important when traveling to countries halfway across the world, and it is also essential for people in the United States traveling to Canada. Even though Canada is a neighbor, they still have laws, rules, restrictions, and requirements. By verifying with your auto insurance company that you are adequately covered, you will be financially protected if an accident or other situation occurs.

If your automobile insurance plan does not cover you in Canada, there are plans that provide adequate coverage. Get the best prices for car insurance available for your situation here at Policy. Providing the top tools and free quotes on automobile insurance, you cannot only get the right policy for you, but also keep more money in your pocket.

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