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Can blood pressure and cholesterol affect insurance rates?

Blood pressure and cholesterol have a high impact on life insurance rates. In order to determine premiums, the insurer considers every factor that might increase the customer's risk for heart disease.

Heart failure is the number one killer of both men and women in the United States. High cholesterol level and high blood pressure can eventually lead to a heart attack. These conditions can shorten life expectancy and many life insurance companies are not willing to take this risk so they will increase the policy rates.

Some companies will offer preferred plus rates if the high blood pressure is well-controlled. Otherwise the rates will go up. Most insurance policy providers will not penalize you if your high cholesterol is being treated and controlled through medication of lifestyle changes. Controlling blood pressure and keeping your cholesterol low can aid you both financially and physically.

You can always start making changes in your life to improve your health. Once you have these conditions treated or under better control you can petition the policy provider to lower your rates. Keep yourself healthy and fit and you will easily get preferred premiums. Make sure you shop around as underwriting factors will vary greatly from insurer to insurer.

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