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With miles of amazing coasts, gorgeous glaciers, and a healthy cruise industry, Alaska can be an excellent place to be. The state has over 130 volcanoes that have been active in the last couple of million years, and its capital has no road access to the rest of the state. Because of the state’s unique location and arrangement, Alaska health insurance coverage is also unique.

Alaska is in the top five most expensive states in the United States for healthcare costs, with things like knee replacement surgery costing up to five times what it does in cities like Seattle. In addition, with some ambulance services being by air, it can be a pricey state to get health insurance coverage.

Alaska is not like any other state in the country, and its healthcare situation is unique. In recent years, Alaskan lawmakers voted to levy a 2.7% tax on all insurers to create a fund that covers bills for high-cost patients. This has helped to stabilize the individual insurance market for other customers.

While the solution is slated to be a short-term fix, the Alaska Legislature is working on creating a fix that will continue to stabilize the state. With health insurance premiums being among the most expensive in the country, finding ways to save money is essential. is dedicated to helping you get all of the discounts that you can qualify for and the best prices possible. Contact us today for free quotes and better rates.

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